NO NO NO! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Stay far away from this place! There's a reason they are not part of the BBB! They do not run an ethical place of business and they discriminate! All of these reviews are mandatory to receive $497 back as part of the 6 week completion. It's a scare tactic so everyone, of course, writes a so-called "good" review in fear that they will not receive their money back! 90% of the "campers" are on an emergency diet their final week which consists of tilapia and asparagus for breakfast, lunch dinner and snack. Also zero water the final two days. Who wouldn't lose weight starving yourself! But that's just it, you don't really lose weight in the process...your gaining muscle. A sure promise that you will NOT meet your goal and lose 20lb to get your money back. At the end of course you're going to lose the most weight (most lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs this final week). Also, with the mandatory 5 times a week workout with heavy weights (as encouraged by the trainers), you are almost certain to gain muscle...not lose weight! Also you are pressured into buying their supplements and protein powder for a mere $220. Also a recipe for gaining weight. Working out 5 days a week does not allow your muscles enough time to recover. The business structure is a sham. Perhaps good if you're looking at body building. At the end, the ultimate goal is to get you to join the gym for $127/month. Yep! This place can not even be considered a gym. There is not a pool, spa, tennis courts, equipment or personal trainers, changing area, showers, etc... Wow! Spectrum Club prices, but not even comparable. It's more or less set up as a garage with a few weights around. It's a circuit training for 45 min, lifting tires and other unconventional techniques. Nothing like real boot camp, I know, I was in the military. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I didn't find the trainers motivating. There were two decent guy trainers, I found the rest some what annoying, not really knowledgeable or motivating.

I came it at 19.6 lbs. There were others that came in just short and given a chance to sweat it out. I was in the room and witnessed it! One lady just as I, at point 4 ounces, and another in at .8 over and was allowed to leave go to the gym and come back and the other on the bike. When I left the house I had my running shoes and my husband asked why and I said just in case I come in short I can sweat it out. I thought it was a no brainer as that is what I saw. Knew I would come in close, but thought close under...not over. Either way I just thought that I would be given the same opportunity as the others. I asked the owner If I could jump on the treadmill she said no! (incidentally, they finally have two treadmills- other than that they have 3 old bikes). Anyway, she hemmed and hawed and would consider it if I had agreed to join the gym. Wow... No Thanks I had no intention of joining! Oh by the way, the owner is a member of 24 Hr Fitness!

ONLY WORK OUT TIMES: 5AM, 6AM, 9AM and 5,6 and 7 PM.

There is Zero consistency! I've heard multiple stories from others, but of course after the fact. By the way, had I known she was going to not give me the opportunity, like the others, I would have told her I would be a few hours late and go to LA Fitness, where I belong, and sweat out the .4 in the sauna. Duh! Just expected that I would be able to do as the others were!

So as per the commitment to get my money back I would have left a "good" review and once I got my money back, I was going to write the real true review...my genuine version. Again the pressure to write a "good" review for the others waiting for their money. Geesh....great marketing there...not! Very dishonest

Words from the owner herself "90% of weight loss is from the diet". Adding the weights and workouts 5 days a week, consistently sore muscles, with no down time is just not that healthy if your over 35, in my opinion. For all of you curious of the meal plan, don't waste your money! Here it is:

Breakfast: Egg whites (about 4), Spinach (unlimited) and 1/3 cup dry oatmeal (plain). May add a little cinnamon and protein to oatmeal. Plus "camp" supplements

Snack: " Camp" protein powder + supplements

Lunch: 4-6 oz of White Fish, Chicken Breast or 99% lean turkey, broccoli, spinach or asparagus (unlimited), 2-3 oz of brown rice or quinoa + "camp" supplements

Snack: Same as above

Dinner: Same as lunch

Snack: 6oz of fat free cottage cheese or yogurt

*No sauces, may use spices or little of mustard and salsa. Eat every 21/2 to 3 hours. Drink a gallon of water a day!

That's it folks! SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do your work outs on your own, but STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Camp Transformation Center Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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All the people *** about the camp are the ones who weren’t disciplined with FTDI and as a result didn’t lose the 20 pounds. Not their fault if you still want that midnight chocolate cake


I agree with this person! This place is a rip off for your moneys worth!

You can honestly do that all on your own without having to pay all that money! Or find a personal trainer for even cheaper for six weeks! If your truly dedicated you could totally do this on your own as well! Follow the diet plan and keep a consistent workout!

Your good! And why would I want to join a place after the six weeks challenge which has such limited timings for their gym, and limited places?! I could pay less and go to 24 hour fitness, just like the owner of this plan does! This person is 101% right!

The people saying otherwise, are the ones that lost 20 pounds and got their money back in the challenge, and/or their own employees, or someone was getting paid to post what they are, in regards to it being a great plan!

Honestly, it’s a temporary quick fix! Simple as that!!!


I’m down 25.3 in my 5th week. I think the camp is amazing.

There’s no way you can’t down 20lbs in 6 weeks . It’s in the contract 20lbs nothing less.

Don’t down talk them you did something wrong they sat there and gave you all the tools you needed to be successful the rest was up to you. You failed not them


This individual couldn't be more wrong. The Camp is a great concept.

And whats wrong with gaining muscle? You gotta be crazy to think gaining strength is a bad thing. I'm 57 years old (28 years in the Army-Still on active duty BTW) and I can and am doing it. I'm so lucky I found the Camp.

Doing a Facebook post and writing a final review is my pleasure. This "former military" reviewer is way off base.


I was a camp member and lost not only my 20lbs, but 35 lbs! This is obviously a sour person who was unable to complete the challenge per the contract!


Forget about the fact he was short .4 and was not even given a chance. The gym could of honor that 19.6 and give back the money.Alone with the example of the meal plan- that is not a healthy way to loose weight- ABSOLUELY NOT.

to Anonymous #1539485

WRONG!! YOu have a contract and MOST people have wonderful success!

The contract is 20lbs! NOT 19.6.

to Anonymous #1558845


to Anonymous #1578541

"Could have"


Completely absurd comment. Success stories from nearly everyone.

No one is scared into writing a review I was more than happy to share my amazing experience and this is one of the few that may not have FTDI. This camp changes my life. I’m sure I can say for many more that the camp is a sure fire program that is designed to push you and teach you perseverance and a healthy lifestyle.

I hope anyone reading realizes that this statement this precious member has made are completely false. I’m sorry TC the rest of us are thankful and happy


You clearly didn't FTDI. This place is not a scam!

From your post, you were mixing the fat body challenge and the 20 pound challenge which are 1 different things! Lifting heavy is ONLY for the fat challenge and NOT the 20 pound weight loss! The eating plan works if you FTDI!

Next time do the work and stop *** and complaining! I love the TC!


It's unfortunate you had such a negative experience. I loved my experience at The Camp-Ventura.

I rolled my win over to a hard body challenge, and now I'm doing a monthly membership. One complaint of yours, in particular, bothered me...about having to post a "good review". You really had nothing good to say about the sweaty mess you generated from a solid workout??? Next, I know MANY people who have successfully 20 pounds in 6 weeks, so it is VERY possible.

Third, most people didn't seem to care about the money, as they signed up to do a second challenge because they feel so good (even some who fell short of the 20lb goal). That's been my experience. Perhaps you were too focused on destination that you failed to appreciate the journey???

Daily exercise, meeting new friends who had similar goals, eating healthy & proper-sized meals. Again, it's unfortunate your experience wasn't more positive.

to Eric #1505500

I completely agree with you! I love this place.

I like that I don’t have to workout by myself, I find that if I try to workout of my own it isn’t as motivating as doing it with others. And the meal plan teaches us to be consistent with portion and changing our taste buds. As for the money... I saw it more like a win win...

if you are consistent with the workouts and meal plan you can lose 20lbs AND get your money back...

what more can you ask for...! I’m back for my second 6 week challenge and it has really made a difference for me.


Thank you for this review...it really help me out..especially the meal plan! God bless you


LOL salty because you were not FTDI and failed is what it sounds like to me. I started January 8th 2018 and have to date lost 63 pounds completing three challenges and am now on to my fourth.

You know what you're getting into before you sign the papers and pay the money. The person in the OP is just mad that they didnt have the self discipline to follow the program.

to Jason #1607814

Yup true that not their fault if you still wanted all those sweets


Haters gonna hate


Shame on you for giving the diet information out. I would hope the have legal recourse towards you.For the people reading this post, basically if you do exactly what they tell you to do in the diet, you will lose the weight.

It’s that simple! They don’t hide anything from you. All of the information is in the book and you go in with your eyes wide open and full of knowledge. Nobody tells you that you have to buy their supplements, there is always an option to buy your own at any place you wish.

I have been at the camp for almost a year, I lost the 20 pounds in the six weeks and have continued to maintain my weight loss. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life and I am in the best shape of my life. The people who are not successful on this diet simply cheat. If you can’t lose weight on this diet and do what they say I would imagine you will never be successful on any diet.

Everything is spelled out for you and they make it so convenient for you to buy the food necessary with their “Meats to U” service. Good luck, why don’t you let us know in about six months how your weight-loss plan is going?

to Anonymous123 #1476325

You can honestly looking for the camps meal plan online and the scan is there

to Anonymous123 #1506392

Yhe co tract doesnt say anything about sharing anything from the transfomation camp, (menu) so it os ok

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