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NO NO NO! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Stay far away from this place! There's a reason they are not part of the BBB! They do not run an ethical place of business and they discriminate! All of these reviews are mandatory to receive $497 back as part of the 6 week completion. It's a scare tactic so everyone, of course, writes a so-called "good" review in fear that they will not receive their money back! 90% of the "campers" are on an emergency diet their final week which consists of tilapia and asparagus for breakfast, lunch dinner and snack. Also zero water the final two days. Who wouldn't lose weight starving yourself! But that's just it, you don't really lose weight in the process...your gaining muscle. A sure promise that you will NOT meet your goal and lose 20lb to get your money back. At the end of course you're going to lose the most weight (most lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs this final week). Also, with the mandatory 5 times a week workout with heavy weights (as encouraged by the trainers), you are almost certain to gain muscle...not lose weight! Also you are pressured into buying their supplements and protein powder for a mere $220. Also a recipe for gaining weight. Working out 5 days a week does not allow your muscles enough time to recover. The business structure is a sham. Perhaps good if you're looking at body building. At the end, the ultimate goal is to get you to join the gym for $127/month. Yep! This place can not even be considered a gym. There is not a pool, spa, tennis courts, equipment or personal trainers, changing area, showers, etc... Wow! Spectrum Club prices, but not even comparable. It's more or less set up as a garage with a few weights around. It's a circuit training for 45 min, lifting tires and other unconventional techniques. Nothing like real boot camp, I know, I was in the military. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I didn't find the trainers motivating. There were two decent guy trainers, I found the rest some what annoying, not really knowledgeable or motivating.

I came it at 19.6 lbs. There were others that came in just short and given a chance to sweat it out. I was in the room and witnessed it! One lady just as I, at point 4 ounces, and another in at .8 over and was allowed to leave go to the gym and come back and the other on the bike. When I left the house I had my running shoes and my husband asked why and I said just in case I come in short I can sweat it out. I thought it was a no brainer as that is what I saw. Knew I would come in close, but thought close under...not over. Either way I just thought that I would be given the same opportunity as the others. I asked the owner If I could jump on the treadmill she said no! (incidentally, they finally have two treadmills- other than that they have 3 old bikes). Anyway, she hemmed and hawed and would consider it if I had agreed to join the gym. Wow... No Thanks I had no intention of joining! Oh by the way, the owner is a member of 24 Hr Fitness!

ONLY WORK OUT TIMES: 5AM, 6AM, 9AM and 5,6 and 7 PM.

There is Zero consistency! I've heard multiple stories from others, but of course after the fact. By the way, had I known she was going to not give me the opportunity, like the others, I would have told her I would be a few hours late and go to LA Fitness, where I belong, and sweat out the .4 in the sauna. Duh! Just expected that I would be able to do as the others were!

So as per the commitment to get my money back I would have left a "good" review and once I got my money back, I was going to write the real true genuine version. Again the pressure to write a "good" review for the others waiting for their money. Geesh....great marketing there...not! Very dishonest

Words from the owner herself "90% of weight loss is from the diet". Adding the weights and workouts 5 days a week, consistently sore muscles, with no down time is just not that healthy if your over 35, in my opinion. For all of you curious of the meal plan, don't waste your money! Here it is:

Breakfast: Egg whites (about 4), Spinach (unlimited) and 1/3 cup dry oatmeal (plain). May add a little cinnamon and protein to oatmeal. Plus "camp" supplements

Snack: " Camp" protein powder + supplements

Lunch: 4-6 oz of White Fish, Chicken Breast or 99% lean turkey, broccoli, spinach or asparagus (unlimited), 2-3 oz of brown rice or quinoa + "camp" supplements

Snack: Same as above

Dinner: Same as lunch

Snack: 6oz of fat free cottage cheese or yogurt

*No sauces, may use spices or little of mustard and salsa. Eat every 21/2 to 3 hours. Drink a gallon of water a day!

That's it folks! SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do your work outs on your own, but STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!

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Corona, California, United States #1351275

I had the same experience in a chino.

Yes, that is the meal plan!

Although the workouts worked, the supplements were expensive and "encouraged" to get from the camp.

I met the 5% requirement for my challenge but was told I didn't hit the 20 lb requirement. By 1/2 lb.

It was a learning experience.

This program is designed for the obese.

If you are looking to tone it up, do not do a challenge.Just pay for a month.

Mic***e Cox
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1334602

I am not sure which Camp you "went to" by I go to The Camp Transformation Center in Temecula and go every day at 0400 (Although you claim this class does not exist) I have NEVER had to eat the Tilapia or Asparagus three meals per day or even one time a day and lost over 20 pounds during the challenge.At no point was I "Pressured" to buy any products and I can honestly say, I buy all products from Wal-Mart unless there is something specific I "Want" from the Camp.

We are cutting out fat and sugars so perhaps eating cottage cheese and Yogurt everyday for your snack is where you failed. The requirements, commitments and "20 pound" agreement are made very clear when you sign the contract it does not say 19.2 or 17.1 pounds, it says you agree to loose 20 pounds. I will admit people who are cutting it close on final weigh in day may take extreme measures to make their weight but again.. That is not "Forced" I notice that you did not put your name and the information you provided is not true so I am going to assume you are upset because you did not lose the 20 pounds and lost your money.

I for one have bet on my success and I WILL loose the weight. If there is anyone who has any questions please look me up on facebook or better yet come by the Temecula Transformation Center and see for yourself what we are all about.

If you come at 4:00 am, I can pretty much guarantee I will be there for the next few challenges.I would have never lost the weight if it was...

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You are so wrong.My boys are athletes.

The work outs are absolutely spot on. Upper body, lower body (rest full body) upper body, lower body.

Learn about proper workout before you bash a great program.You ARE losing weight and building lean muscle and not gaining or stalling because of muscle gain


Totally disagree with this review.And people, that's not the meal plan!!!!

There's no dairy for 6 weeks, no wonder she didn't lose the 20 lbs she didn't follow the written instructions so don't follow her review if she doesn't even now how to read the instructions.

In my case, best decision I've made in a long time.Thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for guiding me here to get healthy & fit for me & my family.


This is the stupidest complaint ever.Are you even a gym rat or do you know anything about working out.

This review will dissuade absolutely no one.You sound like a whiner.


I am doing the camp now.I have been a physical education teacher for 5 plus years, studied this stuff in school and you would think I would be in shape.

I joined the camp not because I didn't know what to do or how to exercise...I joined because I wanted the community, the challenge, and structure. I got all those things and more.....This is how I see it:

1. A gallon of water a day so I stay hydrated and my skins looks good----Yas!!

2. Eat every 2.3-3 hours a day to speed up my metabolism, so my body is using stored fat---Yas!!


Measuring and preparing food low in fat but high in nutritional value and I am not over eating---Yas!!

4. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night, so my body can heal and rest---Yas!!!

5. Accountability through an online community and workout center--- Yas!! If done properly a is works.

I am sorry it did not work for you. I plan to take this as a stepping stone towards better health and at the end of the day, my health is priceless!!! So those of you reading the review above, do not take it to heart, but you do need to know there is no such thing as a quick fix and easy.

It takes dedication, planning, support, and the right mental head space to get it done.Everyone's experiences are different, you won't know until you try it for yourself!

to Anonymous Moreno Valley, California, United States #1343613

Thank you for your encouragement, I did read her review and started to feel discouraged.My girlfriend started last week and I'm planning to join her tomorrow.

I will go in with a open mind and decide if this is right for me.

I have gained 50 lbs and just feel into a slump not caring any longer about myself.I need and want to be motivated so I pray this is my answer to good healthy start

Erika Mora
Bell, California, United States #1321348

If you weren't getting your money back and you knew this ahead of time, why leave a 'good review'?The review is suppose to be left after your final weigh in because it asks if you successfully completed your challenge.

Eres pendeja? And before you go accusing me of working for the camp, no i do not and guess what, i didnt make my 20lbs challenge either. I missed it by a pound and i know it was my own fault brcause i didnt drink the required GALLON of water a day, be an adult and own your mistakes! I was 1 of the few that dont make it but my husband completed not 1 but 2 challenges!

He's a diabetic and this program has completly turned his health situation around.

And how about doing your research and providing facts before you rob some of these other people of a great experience... you can not, i repeat, CAN NOT build muscle in 6 weeks! This is laughable!!

You cant build muscle in 6 weeks with the amount of protein we eat and lifting "heavy" weights for less than 45 minutes a day!!! Why do you think body builders and athletes consume 2 to 3 thousand calories a day?! On this program, women consume 4oz of protein per meal, men 6oz. And eat at least 6 meals a day, i didnt starve!

I was also put on the dreaded emergency tilapia diet, better known as tilapigus and ate 4oz of tilapia and asparagus every 2.5 hours. I felt nauseous but i was NOT starving. We were even given a week to decide whether we wanted a refund or continue as...

Reader beware:

If this program is as this lady claims it is, why are there HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of success stories?

At my location, Bell, alone there are 6 100lbs losers!!!

Sure, the staffing can use some improvements BUTthe program itself works!

So for those qho need to have money hanging over their head to be disciplined (i know i did) even if you dont join the program, have someone hold $200 for you, while you follow the meal plan and exercise regimen to help keep you accountable.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1320506

Thank you for your honest and Thorough review...something was telling me I could do this on my own...and from what you just said in your review I will continue to do as such.Glad I didn't join.

to Anonymous #1347496

most likely you wont and havent. lol

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