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This is in responce to anonymous. Because I think she is just upset, mad, about not making the weight.

Possibly by not following the instructions given. It my be possible she didnt have 20lbs to loose. I dont know her story, but it is just that. A story.

My story is I cant say enough good about the Camp. Did 2 challenges and lost weight on both. 31lbs first challenge and 23lbs on the second. I have tried to lose weight for years yoyoing up and down only to increase each time on the up.

The 6 week challenge is not ment to be a staple life style. It is a crash weight loss with high intensity cardio. With instructions on eating and protein and nutrtion suppliments to keep you healthy and supply your body fuel and wnergy to sustain and maintain while reducing carbs and unesential fats. You are assisted and when a concern arises staff and wven the owner founder will personally advise you.

If she didn't receive this then she was probably fine throughout her challenge. I have found thru the time I have participated and to date still attend Camp Transformation Center. That those who have failed the weight loss have not stayed true to the system. Now there are a few and I beleive very few, that followed true and did not make weight.

Now the ethics of each individual Camp is not known to me but thise I have delt with are straight up and professional. But all in all this is a business. In that they have to sell something to make a profit. They aren't selling bogus goods.

And I believe if you see the general population of people involved you would see this has changed if not saved the lives of hundreds, no hundreds of thousands. I highly recommend anyone struggling with weight and fitness to check in to 20in42.com

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good quality of the camp transformation center weight loss program. The Camp Transformation Center needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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