The Camp Transformation Center 6 Week Challenge Weight Loss Program Reviews

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I started my 6 weeks challenge to lose 20 lbs and successfully lost 21.6 lbs within 6 weeks.Best investment I've ever give to myself. It's takes a lot of self discipline and hard work but its worth it, Now I'm excited to begin a new challenge and it's a hard body 6 weeks challenge. I heard it's a little bit different and harder. I hope I can make it to the end. The camp is a big part of my success, they give you their full support and...
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Joining the camp was the best decision I've ever made for myself. After, I found myself failing at loosing weight, i joined a medical weight loss program and at every visit they were pushing shots and pills on me. After 9 weeks a nurse asked why are you coming here if you don't want the shots or pills? And i thought..Great question! That is when the Camp challenge showed up on my Facebook. Now, I have some physical issues that caused me to stop...
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I signed up for the 6 week transformation.I weighed 227lbs when I started. I busted my ***, followed the plan and weighed in at 194lbs and have never felt better. I completed my check ins, wrote my reviews and 8 days from my final weigh-in I received my check for $497. Although this plan may not be for everyone, it will work and you will get your money back if you Follow The *** Instructions. I've been off the challenge for almost 2 months now....
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I came to the end of my first challeng. I started this 6 week transformation challenge July 25th. At first I didn't think it was possible to lose 20lbs in just 6 little weeks. I even asked the trainer if it was possible. She said it absolutely is, you just have to follow the handbook! I changed the way I was eating, I started workingout 5-6 times A week at the camp Fresno I was drinking A little over 1 gallon of water a day. All I was supported...
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TOTAL SCAM The 6wk 20b challenge takes commitment- no question. I work 2 jobs and still made time for workouts at The Camp 5 days/wk & for meal prep every sunday. The commitment was there. My understanding was that if I lose 20lbs in 6weeks and meet the min # of check-ins, then I would be refunded what i paid ($495). LATER i found out that I only get my refund if I meet my BMI weight. (i'm about 50lbs over) so I would need to do 2 more 6wk...
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I liked
  • Beast mode painting
  • Two trainers were very good out of five
I didn't like
  • Be prepared to be ignored
  • Weigh ins system
  • Bad attitudes
I too was drawn in by the "its free" just let us use your sucess story (and before and after pics) as a marketing tool for us.. and its a win win for us both . hmmmm All you have to do is: Have at least 20 lbs to lose Change your profile pic to our logo for the entire 6 weeks Come 5 days a week Check in via facebook 5 days a week Write a yelp review Write a facebook review (Basically you advertise and promote our biz for 6 weeks straight and we...
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I went on the challege to lean out.Ive been bodybuilding for 5 years. I was told i would be put on a program for athletes. Lost 21 lbs the 1st challenge and 2.5% body fat. In my calculations lost about 6 lbs of fat, 8 lbs of muscle and 7 lbs of water weight. Second challenge disnt loose any weight the first 2 weeks, so i tried setting up a nutritional meeting with the trainers never got a call back. So when i spoke to them in person i was told...
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Unprofessional and rude staff.When questioned about miss informing clients about financial commitments they lie straight to your face. When I saw the advert for their 6 week transformation challenge nowhere on their Facebook advert is there a mention of $495 commitment. The banner boasted FREE FREE FREE. After signing up, despite the fact that nobody answers the phone and I had to show up in person, I was however continuously bombarded with...
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I want to thank all of the trainers for having so much patience with all of us.Such a great experience, i loved every single part of it, difficult but worth it. Love the atmosphere and everyone that works there are amazing. They are not just friends they treat each other like family. Jesus and his wife are such wonderful people.The minute you walk right in they great you and everyone so positive.
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