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I signed up for the 6 week transformation. I weighed 227lbs when I started. I busted my ***, followed the plan and weighed in at 194lbs and have never felt better. I completed my check ins, wrote my reviews and 8 days from my final weigh-in I received my check for $497. Although this plan may not be for everyone, it will work and you will get your money back if you Follow The *** Instructions. I've been off the challenge for almost 2 months... Read more

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Trainer needs to be more motivated show your in there with the group I know you got other classes make me want to come back. Im there to lose weight give me an ear of motivation I work everyday and get no feedback I come here to feel the positive .

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On my 2nd camp and I am loving it and losing consistently. The large deposit was a great incentive for my husband. He has tried and failed to lose weight multiple times. Now he is doing a fantastic job. His weight is down, sleep apnea improving, chloresteral is down, blood pressure down and no longer on the *** of sugar diabetes. Our marriage is stronger and sex live greatly improved. Thanks to Camp Transformation. You can look at Camp... Read more

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It is scam! Be careful! My boyfriend and I lost the 20 pounds but the company did not give a refund of the deposit. Please do not do!

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I fell short of the targeted goal by 2 pounds. Each trainer has their own style. Three out of the five are cool, two are awesome! I only visited this one camp during my challenge. This challenge was sort of stressful and that didn't help with me getting enough sleep and I think affected my weight loss. But when I noticed it I tried to make some adjustments to my daily routine. The only downfall is miscommunication. I was given different... Read more

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I'm Graciela Pimentel and I am a mother of 5 children. Being a single mom and having to take the kids to soccer practice,school etc. all mothers know that all this can be very stressful. I manage a hair salon in irvine for 9 years and all that stress made me gain lots of weight about 20 pounds than my normal weight. Even though I get really stressed about not making enough money to pay bills and all that other fun stuff, besides all that I... Read more

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I just want to said The camp tranfomation center LA is the best as one of my trainers said u get what u work for give a 100% u will get results, so we need to ask our selfs if we are really doing what we need to. AFF

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I came to the end of my first challeng. I started this 6 week transformation challenge July 25th. At first I didn't think it was possible to lose 20lbs in just 6 little weeks. I even asked the trainer if it was possible. She said it absolutely is, you just have to follow the handbook! I changed the way I was eating, I started workingout 5-6 times A week at the camp Fresno I was drinking A little over 1 gallon of water a day. All I was supported... Read more

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TOTAL SCAM The 6wk 20b challenge takes commitment- no question. I work 2 jobs and still made time for workouts at The Camp 5 days/wk & for meal prep every sunday. The commitment was there. My understanding was that if I lose 20lbs in 6weeks and meet the min # of check-ins, then I would be refunded what i paid ($495). LATER i found out that I only get my refund if I meet my BMI weight. (i'm about 50lbs over) so I would need to do 2 more 6wk... Read more

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