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Familiar with the location on Washington BLVD Pasadena . The place is way over rated and way over priced . There are other locations of this type of business in the area which are not as expensive and the staff are a lot more helpful and informed . I found this place to be staffed by money hungry individuals who are only interested in making the dollar $ ! They want to sell you every little thing on the shelf . BUT, you need to go in there with... Read more

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I started my 6 weeks challenge to lose 20 lbs and successfully lost 21.6 lbs within 6 weeks. Best investment I've ever give to myself. It's takes a lot of self discipline and hard work but its worth it, Now I'm excited to begin a new challenge and it's a hard body 6 weeks challenge. I heard it's a little bit different and harder. I hope I can make it to the end. The camp is a big part of my success, they give you their full support and... Read more

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Joining the camp was the best decision I've ever made for myself. After, I found myself failing at loosing weight, i joined a medical weight loss program and at every visit they were pushing shots and pills on me. After 9 weeks a nurse asked why are you coming here if you don't want the shots or pills? And i thought..Great question! That is when the Camp challenge showed up on my Facebook. Now, I have some physical issues that caused me to stop... Read more

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my option is that a diet is a diet however way you look at it. Yes it takes time and dedication to start anything you do in life. But its up to you in how much you believe in yourself In completing it. Now matter how much money you spend or don't. People need an incentive to be motivated. weather you put money on the line, with a prize, or have that support. You just need prayer, motivation, determination, and believe in your self to get... Read more

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After contracting a severe case of Pink Eye from the Lancaster Camp, I went to speak privately to the manager about my concerns. It was at the last weigh in of my 6 week challenge and I was so sick that weekend I ended up in urgent care. I also lost my vision in that eye, and I am hoping that the meds will clear this up. While speaking with the manager not once did she share any reassurance that they will look into this. Nor did she thank me... Read more

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Lost 21 pounds and am joining the the atmosphere and seeing the same people everyday....and of course the results!

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I signed up for the 6 week transformation. I weighed 227lbs when I started. I busted my ***, followed the plan and weighed in at 194lbs and have never felt better. I completed my check ins, wrote my reviews and 8 days from my final weigh-in I received my check for $497. Although this plan may not be for everyone, it will work and you will get your money back if you Follow The *** Instructions. I've been off the challenge for almost 2 months... Read more

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Trainer needs to be more motivated show your in there with the group I know you got other classes make me want to come back. Im there to lose weight give me an ear of motivation I work everyday and get no feedback I come here to feel the positive .

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On my 2nd camp and I am loving it and losing consistently. The large deposit was a great incentive for my husband. He has tried and failed to lose weight multiple times. Now he is doing a fantastic job. His weight is down, sleep apnea improving, chloresteral is down, blood pressure down and no longer on the *** of sugar diabetes. Our marriage is stronger and sex live greatly improved. Thanks to Camp Transformation. You can look at Camp... Read more

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It is scam! Be careful! My boyfriend and I lost the 20 pounds but the company did not give a refund of the deposit. Please do not do! Read more

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