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On my 2nd camp and I am loving it and losing consistently. The large deposit was a great incentive for my husband. He has tried and failed to lose weight multiple times. Now he is doing a fantastic job. His weight is down, sleep apnea improving, chloresteral is down, blood pressure down and no longer on the *** of sugar diabetes. Our marriage is stronger and sex live greatly improved. Thanks to Camp Transformation. You can look at Camp... Read more

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It is scam! Be careful! My boyfriend and I lost the 20 pounds but the company did not give a refund of the deposit. Please do not do!

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I fell short of the targeted goal by 2 pounds. Each trainer has their own style. Three out of the five are cool, two are awesome! I only visited this one camp during my challenge. This challenge was sort of stressful and that didn't help with me getting enough sleep and I think affected my weight loss. But when I noticed it I tried to make some adjustments to my daily routine. The only downfall is miscommunication. I was given different... Read more

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I'm Graciela Pimentel and I am a mother of 5 children. Being a single mom and having to take the kids to soccer practice,school etc. all mothers know that all this can be very stressful. I manage a hair salon in irvine for 9 years and all that stress made me gain lots of weight about 20 pounds than my normal weight. Even though I get really stressed about not making enough money to pay bills and all that other fun stuff, besides all that I... Read more

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I just want to said The camp tranfomation center LA is the best as one of my trainers said u get what u work for give a 100% u will get results, so we need to ask our selfs if we are really doing what we need to. AFF

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I came to the end of my first challeng. I started this 6 week transformation challenge July 25th. At first I didn't think it was possible to lose 20lbs in just 6 little weeks. I even asked the trainer if it was possible. She said it absolutely is, you just have to follow the handbook! I changed the way I was eating, I started workingout 5-6 times A week at the camp Fresno I was drinking A little over 1 gallon of water a day. All I was supported... Read more

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TOTAL SCAM The 6wk 20b challenge takes commitment- no question. I work 2 jobs and still made time for workouts at The Camp 5 days/wk & for meal prep every sunday. The commitment was there. My understanding was that if I lose 20lbs in 6weeks and meet the min # of check-ins, then I would be refunded what i paid ($495). LATER i found out that I only get my refund if I meet my BMI weight. (i'm about 50lbs over) so I would need to do 2 more 6wk... Read more

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I DID IT! I melted 23 lbs in six weeks! I really didn't think I could do it. So many excuses I tried giving myself from waking up too early, not being able to follow the strict eating regimen, to having a bad back and not wanting an injury. But you know what? I was in my own way. So I just blocked out the excuses and pushed through and did this for ME. Of course, with the support of my husband who also ate the same food and worked out on his... Read more

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This has been a life changing experience!! My mom first told me about The Camp in the High Desert. She didn't beat the challenge/ lose the 20lbs, but she still had wonderful things to say about the program. After months of debating, I finally went in for an orientation in Anaheim which was very informational. They were straight forward and I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. During the challenge the trainers are very motivational,... Read more

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I have nothing but great things to say about the camp transformation. From the first day the staff was helpful and friendly and really make you feel like your part of a family. My wife and I decided to make a change in our lives and decided to check out the camp after seeing several family members and friends have tremendous results. Initially I thought it was to good to be true but after finishing my first six week challenge I am down 27 lbs.... Read more

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